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The last few 6 weekends have been pretty much eaten up by home renovations, work, and one too short trip to see some awesome friends in Nashville. The mornings when we wake up and immediately start to work on the never ending almost done fireplace, breakfast is usually toast and if we’re lucky, some quick eggs. Can I just say that as excited as I am to see the finished project, I am soooo over dust, drills, screws, drywall, mortar, tile, tile cutters, wet saws, more dust, mortar under my nails, dust (again), and the endless supply of tools we’ve now seemed to amass over the last 4 months.

Seriously, I am NOT cut of for remodeling. Sure, I look mighty cute in a tool belt, but a girl can only take so much. Every time we go to Home Depot, the Hubby tells me about this tool/part/saw/whatever that he just HAS TO HAVE and I remind him that I just have to have an amaze balls push present and that for all the money we’ve spend at Home Depot, I could have bought a pair of Louboutins, a Louis Vuitton bag (which I don’t even WANT anymore), and we could have gone on vacation. Twice.

Anyway, enough about renovating, the thought of it is giving me hives, but the end is in sight!!!!! I’m hoping after this weekend I’ll be able to put our Great Room back together and there will be no more major projects until we start on Baby Baukovic’s nursery. *Fingers crossed!

This weekend, we decided there wasn’t too much going on, so we were able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. The Hubby requested slow cooked eggs, which was probably the result of seeing something super delish on the Foods Network or Cooking Channel, but I was more than happy to oblige, especially if it meant I could get away from dust and tools for awhile!

Savor these eggs with a mimosa, or just straight OJ!

Slow Cooked Eggs

Heat a skillet over low heat. In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs and the yogurt. You can use a hand mixer or just a regular whisk, whichever you prefer, but I will say, the hand mixer made things a WHOLE lot easier.

Pour the mixture into your skillet and stir. And stir. And stir. And at some point in the stirring process, season with salt and pepper. And keep stirring. The secret to these eggs is making sure they’re stirred the whole time, it gives them a super creamy consistency. You’ll be watching over these eggs and stirring them for about 25-30 minutes. Just enough time to cook some bacon and toast! If you need to, feel free to turn the heat up just a little bit, but you want to be careful that the eggs don’t cook to fast.

When the eggs are pretty solid and you don’t see much moisture left in the pan, remove the eggs and split between two plates. Serve with toast and bacon.

My thoughts:

These eggs were so super creamy. I make scrambled eggs a lot when I stay at my mom’s house because they’re easy and I always thought those eggs were good, but these were about 110 times better! I was even fine with having to stir them for 25 minutes because it kept me from having to watch videos on how to tape drywall (sounds fun doesn’t it??). Woohoo!

And by some amazingly wonderful miracle, we ended up with bacon infused toast. Yes. You read that right. Bacon. Infused. Toast. The toasted oven we use is the same one we cook bacon in. I realized that one piece of bacon still needed to be cooked, so it was in the oven part of the toaster oven while I was toasting our bread. The result? Lightly baconed toast. Hell yeah!

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  1. Nely says:

    I want breakfast. Now.

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