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Watermelons…in my belly!


Sometimes, you need to get a little creative. Sometimes, you need to think outside the box and just do it. Sometimes, you need to stop saying tomorrow. Okay, that last one was a little deep, especially for this, but it’s true!

Over the last 3 years, my blog has definitely taken a backseat to real life. A lot of stuff has happened, some bad, some terrible, but some amazing and incredible too. With all the stuff going on coupled with the fact that I teach cooking classes for a living, my brain has turned to mush when it comes to making food that isn’t boring. All I want to do when I get home is make a PB&J sandwich with a glass of red wine (which I can totally do now, except the sandwich part…more on that later!). The last thing on my mind is being creative and adventurous with flavors.

Until last week. Last weekend, our last weekend as a twosome, we had some bruschetta at a soccer pub, yes, a soccer pub…that we walked to when I was 9+ months pregnant and when it was 90 degrees outside and it was 2.5 miles from where we parked the car. Side note, I HATE TOMATOES. I think I’ve made that clear in other posts, so the fact that I was giving in and eating bruschetta was huge. I was telling the Hubby about this BRILLIANT idea I had for bruschetta and that I was going to make it when we got home. So I did. And it was amazing. This is the last post for awhile that you won’t be savoring with a cocktail or some wine, so enjoy!

I had every intention of writing this last week, but I was a little bit preoccupied. The little bun that has been in my oven for the last 9+ months finally decided he was ready for his grand entrance, with a little prodding from the doctor. Jameson Marley was born Thursday June 27th at 11:19am and he is absolute perfection!

Watermelon Feta Bruschetta

Toast or grill the baguette slices and when they are removed from the toaster or the grill, immediately rub them with the garlic on one side.

While the bread is toasting, combine all the other ingredients in a large bowl except the balsamic vinegar.

Separate the topping evenly among the toast points and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Enjoy!

My thoughts: The Hubby was absolutely blown away by this. He said that when I was mentioning my grand idea to him, he had his reservations, but when he actually tasted it, he couldn’t believe it had taken me this long to convince him just how delicious it was!

I’ve been making a salad with watermelon and feta for some of my cooking classes and it’s always a class favorite, so I knew that adding it to some toasted bread would make it that much more delicious.

Next time I have a party or BBQ to go to, I know what I’m bringing as my dish to pass, although I would recommend waiting until you get to the event to actually top the toast with the bruschetta otherwise the bread will get soggy.

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3 Responses to Watermelons…in my belly!

  1. Nely says:

    What a great twist on an already delicious food! Cute baby…I think he is saying, “HI!”

  2. lilytemmer says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, perfect for hot days!

  3. Rich says:

    These are amazing! I need them this weekend!

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